“ Dr. Cernaianu is very thorough with working with all my health problems. She spends time explaining everything.” 

Kailee G.


“From my very first visit with Mirela Cernaianu I was comfortable because talking with her is like talking to a friend. I really appreciate that she takes the time to understand my concerns and symptoms. Great doctor who truly cares about her patients. Very happy I found her.” 

Nadia K.


“There are so many different factors that go into keeping women healthy. Dr. C is very thorough and has a strong grasp on all of those different factors. I have been following her completely natural protocol for months and I ‘m feeling a million times better than when I dragged myself into her office!”  

Karen E.


“Hera Health Care is great! The whole office is very welcoming and helpful. Everyone wants to make sure you are well take care of. Dr. C is very knowledgeable and caring. She explains everything well and makes sure you know what’s happening and how to take care of it. I would not go anywhere else!” 

Micaela C.


“Dr. C was extremely helpful and supportive in finding solution for my incontinence & the constant feeling of having to rush to the bathroom as well as waking up numerous times during the night. Utilizing the intone device has resulted in no longer having the immediate urge to rush to a bathroom. I strongly recommend the use of the intone device.  Dr. C is very caring & patient doctor who thoroughly explains what is going on as well as any treatment solutions. I highly recommend Dr. C for any female related issues.” 

Mary C.


 “Dr. C is a wonderful doctor. I have been so pleased and happy with her care. She always takes the extra time to fully explain test results and discuss how you are feeing and why. She is very thorough and makes you feel like she is listening and problem solving for you. Many thanks.  I’m so pleased to have discovered such a wonderful doctor.  I feel very lucky and won’t be switching anytime soon.” 

Sharon B.


“ A few years ago I met Dr. Cernaianu at a Health Fair. What sparked my interest was Restorative and Anti-aging and seek you inner Goodness was also eye catching. What she was about meant something to me. I didn’t visit her right away. It was only until I got sick and tired of being sick and up to 12 medications later.  When I saw her the first thing she said to me is you can get better that meant everything to me. I was so full of hope.  She sat for an hour talking to me face to face. Dr. Cernaianu made me feel as if I was the only patient of the day.  I feel as though she is determined to see me thrive. When I leave her office I feel so loved and cared for and because of her I am beginning to thrive and feeling so good about myself. Thank you Dr. Cernaianu.

There is something else that impressed me was when seeing me her from office person knocked on the door and she said your next patient is here and she said I have a patient now. I’m accustomed to 15 to 20 minutes with my doctors and I don’t feel that it’s about me at all, just more pills.” 

Hazel S.


“A little over a year ago I was visiting a friend in the bay area and she was telling me about having seen a gynecologist who specializes in health care for post menopausal women. Fortuitously, one week later while at my Chiropractors office I read an article about Hera Health Care in a local magazine. Within a few weeks I had my first appointment with Dr. Cernaianu.

As we age our quality of life can become diminished through no specific fault, other than the fact that our changing bodies are not always equipped to support us through this challenging process. While under the care of Dr. C I am experiencing the restorative effects, which have been brought on through the supplements and hormone therapies that have been prescribed. There is care to follow up at regular intervals as we seek to find the right mix and combination of therapies that will help sustain this new revitalized life that I am thankful to be experiencing. Whether addressing the issue of bone loss, sleep disruption, mental acuity and myriad of age related concerns that women have, I feel like my health concerns have been given the individualized attention that have brought significant and lasting quality of life improvement.

If you have struggled with any of these same issues and concerns I highly recommend that you seek assistance from Hera Health Care. It has made a positive impact on my life and I feel confident that it can do the same for others.” 

Pamela C.


“I visited Dr. C in July because of many concerns, including constant fatigue and mood volatility. Dr. C spent 2 hours with me at my initial visit and did something I had never experienced at a Dr. before- She listened! After a few months of seeing Dr. C I am a new person! She has helped me in so many ways and continues to provide an amazing practice and to promote women’s wellness! Thanks Dr. C!” 

Anne M.

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