MonaLisa Touch Procedures


An innovative laser procedure that restores vaginal health

No Hormones, No pills, No anesthesia, No down time. This is a fractional CO2 Laser therapy procedure that restores vaginal health with 3 painless, 5 minute sessions, 6 weeks apart.

What is Vaginal Atrophy?

After menopause the vaginal mucosa develops atrophy due to the decreased estrogen levels. Atrophy is characterized by:

  • a reduced number of blood vessels,
  • a significantly thinner epithelium, which is more susceptible to trauma
  • lack of glycogen, which decreases the lactobacilli that need glycogen to thrive, and are responsible for maintaining the acidic pH
  • a decrease of vaginal lactobacilli will increase the vaginal pH Levels (to 6-8)

Healthy Vaginal Mucosa

A healthy vaginal mucosa during reproductive age is:

  • well supplied with blood, the epithelium consists of a large number of cell layers, and it is particularly rich in glycogen.
  • the healthy vaginal epithelium also protects the mucosa against mechanical friction, i.e. sexual intercourse.
  • epithelial cells synthesize and store glycogen as they migrate towards the surface, then the cells are shed as a result of exfoliation
  • the glycogen released from exfoliated cells is used by vaginal lactobacilli
  • lactobacilli produce lactic acid making the vagina acidic (pH 4-5), thus preventing infections with yeast or other bacteria.

How Monalisa Touch Works

The images below illustrate the changes that occur after the Monalisa Touch treatment. You can easily see how the vaginal mucosa looks on a biopsy – Fig A is before the treatment and fig B is the same patient at 2 months after only 1 session of the Monalisa Touch.

Photos – (Courtesy of Prof. A. Cagliaro. University of Pavia, Italy)

In the picture below you can see how Monalisa Touch is used inside the vagina – the laser energy is distributed to the surrounding tissues from the tip of the probe, while the probe is gradually withdrawn from inside out, treating the entire vaginal length, concentrically and 1 centimeter apart. 


  • MonaLisa Touch is a SmartXide2-V2LR fractional CO2 laser system, and it provides an alternate treatment for symptoms of post-menopausal vaginal changes
  • Treatments are quick, less than 5 minutes and virtually painless
  • This may be a preferable treatment option for women who do not want to or cannot use hormones
  • A major treatment effect can be seen after a single treatment
  • Treated women may enjoy a rapid improvement in vaginal lubrication
  • Some women who are unable to be sexually active due to pain may be able to resume sexual activity
  • Women who are sexually active but with dyspareunia may note a drastic decrease in pain with sexual activity
  • Recommended Maintenance treatment is once a year.
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